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Compact Shelter

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How to overcome fear? The development of determination and courage.

At any moment we can make choices based on fears, or a selection based on positive attitude and confidence in yourself and the world. At the seminar, we will explore your fears,  manage them using various techniques and tools that were used in the ancient practices of yoga and martial arts in the shamanic and Toltec practices, and are also used in modern sports and the professions related to risk and emotional stress.

Intensive Yoga

The course is created for those who are just starting to learn this fascinating science and those who’s been already practicing, but doesn’t understand the main aim  of this practice and wants to deepen  knowledge.

Mantra yoga

Mantra yoga is one of the most effective tools for practice. In this workshop You will learn about the purpose of mantra yoga, the principles of its application and its relationship with other elements of yoga. Also we will practice it in different ways.

Man’s view of woman»

Have you ever wanted:

• to understand what men think about women?

• to be loved and always attractive for your  man?

• to understand «the art of being a woman» ?

• to know how to inspire your man?

Then it’s time to learn the secrets of a harmonious relationship with a man.

Mudras in the practice of yoga and everyday life

The seminar will detail 20 mudras, their particular implementation and application. The knowledge and skills of  mudras application received in this seminar, you can use in your personal practice, to improve the effectiveness of your spiritual practice.


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Pocket Knife

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Review seminar «the Ancient Chinese Taoist culture and practices»

On this workshop we invite those who want to get acquainted with the ancient Chinese philosophy and the fundamental Taoist practices of self-improvement, basics of ancient Chinese medicine, massage, healing gymnastics and martial arts.