«Aiki tactics»


We will learn the tools of conflict management and conflict transformation in the harmonious relationships in a corporate environment, in collaboration with business partners and competitors.


We invite You to the seminar «Aiki tactics»

Aikido is the art of reconciliation.

Aikido focuses on harmony and non-resistance, leading to success

We will learn the tools of conflict management and conflict transformation in the harmonious relationships in a corporate environment, in collaboration with business partners and competitors.

Target audience

the owners, CEO, TOP-management:

Project managers.

• Presale activity.

• Specialists in contract management.

• Staff of the project office.

• Heads of key departments, divisions, units.


Philosophy, principles and techniques of aiki in life and in the negotiations:

Okami  — the-art cushioning. Tolerance to actions of the attacking side.

Irimi (wave) — the art of the entrance to the opponent’s attack. Entry into the attack of the enemy partner and removing it from the balance.

Tenkan ( the principle of the vortex) is the art of turning. Redirect energy attack in the other direction.

2. Communication as a form of human satisfaction. General principles and mechanisms of communication.

3. The principles and the occurrence of conflicts

The types of conflicts.

Psychological conflicts

Natural and man-made conflicts

Conflicts of communication

4.The principle of “win-Win”, or finding mutually beneficial solutions.

5. Psychological techniques  helping to weaken aggression, elimination of resistance and shift to harmony and joint search for mutually beneficial solutions.

6. Psychological techniques:

— in situations of vulnerability and intrusion with aggressive accusations, aggressive attacks, unpleasant criticism;

— in situations of negotiation with the people that cause negative emotions

— in situations of heightened struggle, imposed by the opponent.

7. The General scheme of work with objections.

8. Technology “Correctly worded and leading questions”.

9. Building relationships through search parallel vision.

10. Reframing ( rethinking and interpretation) of context and ideas.

11. Techniques and methods in aiki helping to preventi conflict.

12. Using aiki techniques in various spheres of human activity.

Knowledge and skills

Course participants will gain experience of practical interaction in planning processes, negotiations and contracts, as well as in corporate, partnership and competitive dialogue.

At the end of the training, participants will be able to:

Learn the aiki techniques  to convince opponents and achieve the potential cooperation.

• Learn how to weaken the forces of resistance without the use of the usual harsh methods of negotiations .

• To arm the negotiation. To create a quest for mutually beneficial solutions

• Change the relationship in negotiations with the competitive to the affiliate.

• Learn the tools and develop the skills of harmonious interaction with different types of human behavior.

• Learn how to defend  positions and to control  emotions under the influence of “shots” remaining in good relations with a partner.

• To develop skills of conflict transformation at the moment of its occurrence.

• To develop the skills of balance and adaptation to conflicts in everyday life.

Practical tasks

• Aiki techniques for working with stress and finding inner balance

• Exercises to develop the mastery of the word and control the situation when dealing with objections.

• Life skills quick response to objections.

• Skills to control their emotions during the negotiation process.

• The development of techniques that can be used in conflict. Testing techniques “, Ukami”, “Irimi” “Tenkan”

• Practice skills transfering techniques in ordinary life.

• Ways to respond to difficult questions. The types of challenging questions and different answers.


Uses the principles of ancient knowledge adapted to modern business realities, the latest psycho-sociological techniques and business strategies.

• The training uses role-playing and unique exercises for training of martial arts.

• Dramatically improve Your skills entry and exit from conflict situations. Explores effective tools for conflict management and transformation.

• Discusses the possibility of changes in the activities of companies and their development according to the principles of the ancient samurai military strategies and adapted  modern counterparts.

• Consulting support for 30 days after completion of the training.

Equipment training

Classroom equipped with projector and screen;

• The training materials and workbooks.

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