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Review seminar «the Ancient Chinese Taoist culture and practices»

On this workshop we invite those who want to get acquainted with the ancient Chinese philosophy and the fundamental Taoist practices of self-improvement, basics of ancient Chinese medicine, massage, healing gymnastics and martial arts.

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Vedic cosmology and the structure of the universe

Our workshop will introduce You to the Vedic concept of the origin and structure of the universe, explain the law structure of the cosmos, will show a logical picture of the world order, help to see your place in the world i and to find your purpose of life.

Vegetarian food. A raw food diet. Purification. Starvation.

What it is — a fad or real tools for recovery and purification of the body, a way of life?

Is it possible to live without meat or cooked food?

Is it possible to live without food and water?

How to cleanse your body of toxins and chemicals?

This is what our workshop about.

Yoga and astrology

The workshop is designed for those who are just starting to learn this fascinating science and those who practice yoga and want to deepen their knowledge and make their practice more efficient.

Yoga and Ayurveda

The workshop is created those who is interested in health  and those who practice yoga and want to deepen their knowledge and make their practice more efficient.

Yoga and cooking

Yoga diet does not call to sacrifice pleasures — on the contrary, it opens them in a new, unknown side.

Add more flavor to your life with the help of our seminar!

Yoga and music

At the seminar you will learn about the interaction of voice, music and states of consciousness. You will enrich your knowledge about world music,  try out various exercises and breathing practices for development of voice and achieve perfect harmony of mind and body through the healing sounds of a stream and playing musical instruments.