How to overcome fear? The development of determination and courage.

At any moment we can make choices based on fears, or a selection

Intensive Yoga

The course is created for those who are just starting to learn this

Mantra yoga

Mantra yoga is one of the most effective tools for practice. In this

Man’s view of woman»

Have you ever wanted: • to understand what men think about women? •

Mudras in the practice of yoga and everyday life

The seminar will detail 20 mudras, their particular implementation and application. The knowledge

Review seminar "the Ancient Chinese Taoist culture and practices"

On this workshop we invite those who want to get acquainted with the

Vedic cosmology and the structure of the universe

Our workshop will introduce You to the Vedic concept of the origin and

Vegetarian food. A raw food diet. Purification. Starvation.

What it is - a fad or real tools for recovery and purification

Yoga and astrology

The workshop is designed for those who are just starting to learn this

Yoga and Ayurveda

The workshop is created those who is interested in health  and those who